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Argentina Destinations by Region

Buenos Aires Argentina Picture

Buenos Aires- An absolute must. Most travelers conveniently start and end their trip here, at Ezeiza International Airport.

Lago Menendez Argentina Picture

Southern Argentina-Those interested in marine life, glaciers, penguins, mountain lakes, or just cooling off from the sweltering South American summer should head here, a vast swath of land including Patagonia and the Argentine portion of Tierra del Fuego.


Northern Argentina- The spectacle of Iguazú Falls, the wildlife of Iberá Natural Reserve, and the colonial charm of Salta are three great reasons to travel north from Buenos Aires.


Central Argentina- Closer to the capital are the surrounding Pampas, famous for its gauchos and estancias, and the Atlantic beaches including Mar del Plata. Further west lie the Jesuit architectural legacy of Córdoba, the wine country around Mendoza, and the highest crest of the Andes.

Where to Go

With so much to do (see highlights for a start) spread over such a large area, travel time between destinations will be a major limiting factor during your trip. Relatively cheap domestic flights open up more of the country to the short term visitor, but it's often best to concentrate on a region or two rather than trying to pack in too much. The best region to explore depends on when you go.

Historical Points of Interest

While much of Argentina's tangled and tumultuous history is shrouded by the vagaries of time, there remains plenty of concrete evidence of Argentina's past for the traveler to see. Some highlights are: La Cueva de las Manos (The Cave of the Hands), a Patagonian site of prehistoric paintings dating to over nine thousand years ago; the colonial Jesuit architecture of the Córdoba area; and 19th century Pampas towns like San Antonio de Areco where gaucho culture is still proudly celebrated. And of course there's the Casa Rosada, Argentina's "pink" presidential palace in Buenos Aires, where Evita Peron's passionate speeches electrified the masses. But for the history buff who also loves to travel, Argentina's northwest is the place to see.

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