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Cost of Travel in Argentina

Not long ago Argentina was one of the most expensive countries to visit. With the peso kept at 1-to-1 "parity" with the dollar, many Argentines found it cheaper to vacation elsewhere, including in the US. The economic meltdown of 2001-2002 changed all that. The peso now hovers around 3 to the dollar, and even Latin Americans now think of Argentina as a bargain destination.

A rock-bottom budget traveler can get by on less than US$20 a day, excluding air travel. One can travel in relative comfort for $25-35 a day, and spending a bit more you can live it up in style. While still not as cheap as Latin America's budget travel paradises (Guatemala, Bolivia or Ecuador for instance) the quality of goods and services tends to be higher. And at a better value than Mexico, Chile or Brazil, Argentina is certainly an attractive option for those who want to squeeze more out of less cash.

Prices are higher in southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, particularly in El Calafate and Ushuaia, which are both remote and booming tourist destinations. Also, expect prices to steadily rise as the economy continues its recovery and tourism keeps rolling in. Overall prices rose about 30% in 2005, in US dollar terms.

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