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Argentina's Weather: When to Visit

Argentina's Seasons
Summer December - March
Fall March - May
Winter June - August
Spring September - November

The best time to visit Argentina depends on what your plans are. Argentina's length and big elevation range mean that there's always somewhere pleasant to visit. In general, the winter is a better time for the hotter northern areas, while those interested in the south (Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego) will be more comfortable in summer.

Argentina, like other southern hemisphere countries, has seasons roughly opposite those of the northern hemisphere. So a trip during the Argentine summer can be a pleasant break from winter for North Americans and Europeans. Then again, Buenos Aires gets stiflingly hot and humid in the summertime (30°C+), and although it has a mild winter, fall and spring are the most pleasant times to visit the capital.

Fall and spring provide a good balance for those with varied itineraries, and have the added benefit of being relatively crowd-free. Autumn in Tierra del Fuego is a special treat, as the already beautiful landscape turns brilliant colors with the changing leaves.

Argentine families take summer vacations in January and February, so the more popular holiday destinations (Bariloche, Mar del Plata) can be packed. And July is a month to avoid, since school kids have their winter break and prices go up to meet demand.

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